Monday, 6 October 2014

A man named Mamoru Nagano

Mamoru Nagano was in charge of mechanical design and character design is officially, the construction of the world view of a substantial story is also to be due to his hand. This is because from that there was a need to establish its cultural background to carry out the design, was created a variety of settings, including those Nagano does not appear in the story. The June issue magazine 1985 anime magazine Newtype in "Vice tons well Story" feature, the story of Gaim, and length of fairy appearing is a previous work of Gaim to "Aura Battler Dunbine", he owned Jakoba-Aon after you are saying that it is a fairy tale that is deployed in a crystal sphere.

But I'm also saying that it can not understand that on the other hand, (to appear in the world of Baisuton wells) fairy exists. Area "Oji" as allowed that only those chosen to enter exists in the upper country of water dwells this fairy Ferario our "Wo Landon", also the name of the Auger or Oji appeared the story of Gaim I is considered to be derived from that region. Thing to be said to the universe of Baisuton wells in the upper layer of this "Oji" is present, it is stated in the articles of anime magazine of some world of Gundam series and penta Gonna world is also present in the end of the universe have.

It is causing a huge back settings, such as past history and chronology when you are building a world view of this work, books that have been issued from LaPorte Mook issued from Kadokawa Shoten and "heavy Metal L-Gaim -2" Nagano "announced story that were reconstituted with their own ideas, such as heavy Metal L-Gaim Encyclopedia "and" Five Star Stories ". The Five Star, it is estimated to be due to a solar system Sands stage of the work is constituted by five planets. Story to follow things aired generally, but outcome is significantly different, pack mule in Nagano version revive crest dynasty married Fan'neria am, one of the heroine, but the people for that Come dynasty I will be in that history is repeated causing the dissident movement.

It announced that it relaunched "Five Star Stories" the (FSS), Nagano, began series anime magazine "Monthly Newtype" opened the period of one year after the end of this work. This story has been known that it is based on this version of Gaim Nagano, story animation corresponds to the second part of this work. Similarity and character design of VI chorus of FSS and pack mule is seen in various places, there is also a direction to capture as setting back of each piece has two works between the FSS and this work for that. There is a depiction of the figure Dunbine is placed in the house of the ruins of Yeaman as a fan service in the play.